Saturday, December 30, 2006

More route 29

By the time I publish the next picture in this series Romania will be a member of the European Union. I am looking forward to visiting the country again in 2007 and wish Romania and all its people well for the future.
1. The interior of tram number 75 on route 29 in Bucharest.
2. Kath demonstrating the 'missing window' air conditioning system.
3. A Romanian tram driver at work.

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Route 29

1. Route 29 was a suburban feeder route along an unmade road.
2. The lady on the left is the driver.
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Sunday, December 24, 2006


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Bucharest 1

We spent 4 nights on the coast at Costanta and then drove to Bucharest. On the way we passed through several rain showers. Cars jus stopped in the middle of the road whilst the drivers took the wiper blades from the glove boxes and re-fitted them. The trams in Bucharest had flags on them because the next day was 'National day' or similar.
1. An unusual 2 section artic. Most were three sections. This one had a broken pantograph.
2. Typical bogie cars.
3. Air conditioned (missing window) 4-wheelers.
4. Tatra T3s.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Constanta trolleybuses

1. A map of the system and a woman with red hair.
2. Running repairs to a trolleybus.
3. As in many parts of the former Soviet Union, trolley heads seemed to need frequent inspection.
4. The word 'DEFECT' is self-explanatory. Is the tool leaning against the entrance steps a 'jim crow' for trolley poles? Perhaps John Markham or Bob Hall will be able to tell us.

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Constanta - trolleybuses

After about a week and a half on the road we arrived at the Black Sea resort of Constanta. Here we stayed in a beach tourist hotel catering for package holiday visitors from western Europe. Magically there was plenty of food - enough for three reasonable meals per day. Bottled beer and wine were also available.
1. There were no trams in Constanta in 1982 but there was a long trolleybus route along the coast to the north. The service was unreliable.
2-4. Town centre views of the trolleybuses.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Braila had a one route tramway and as far as I know it still has.
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Saturday, December 02, 2006


In Galati the first routes of a new standard gague tramway opened in 1971 and by 1982 there were no metre gague routes left.
1. A typical Tatra T3.
2. A Banat motor tram and trailer - these must have been only a few years old in 1982.
3&4. Shift change at the steel works.

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