Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bucharest 1

We spent 4 nights on the coast at Costanta and then drove to Bucharest. On the way we passed through several rain showers. Cars jus stopped in the middle of the road whilst the drivers took the wiper blades from the glove boxes and re-fitted them. The trams in Bucharest had flags on them because the next day was 'National day' or similar.
1. An unusual 2 section artic. Most were three sections. This one had a broken pantograph.
2. Typical bogie cars.
3. Air conditioned (missing window) 4-wheelers.
4. Tatra T3s.

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Dr2005 said...

1. It's called V2A. We had 49, made between 1980(?) and 1988. Now we have 48...the only V2A that was scrapped is... #4013 (the one in your photo)!
3. In the photo are 2 Tatra T4R trams. I think that the location of the photo is Izvor bridge (podul Izvor). Now, that area is history... Ceausescu ordered his demoliton in the '80s to buid there ,,Casa Poporului" and the ,,Civic Center" (,,Centrul Civic"). Almost 1/2 of Bucharest was destroyed in that period :(