Sunday, January 14, 2007

Farewell Bucharest

We leave Bucharest in 1982 with a few pictures of the articulated cars. Some of these may well still be in service. Kath and I returned to Bucharest in 1994 not long after 'regime change'. We are now looking forward to our flight with WizzAir to Bucharest on April 30th this year.
1. Car 173. For more recent view see
2. Car 227. For more recent view see
3. Car 284 and its driver. For more recent view see

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Dr2005 said...

Only 2 of the old V3A are still in servie: #136 and #264. But not for long. They will be scrapped soon.
The ,,new" V3A-93, V3A-93M and V3A-H were new trams and they replaced the old V3A trams. That's why they have the same number.