Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iasi 4-wheelers

Romania has a continental (hot in summer, cold in winter) climate. Most of the 4-wheelers had the front near side window removed. Not for them them the complications of air-con or semi-convertable cars.
1. Close up of a typical w-wheeler at Zona Ind (Industrial zone).
2. There should be plenty of electricity. I don't remember any power cuts on this trip.
3. Well laden tram near city centre.
4. Just imagine that you have a wife and two children with you and that you all were all relying on this tram to get you back to the hotel before they sold out of anything edible.

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T R I X said...

There were 56 V58 motor cars and 66 trailer cars, numbered 50..105 and 50..115, respectively. Numbers were duplicated, i.e. a motor car and a trailer car had the same number, but there was not a rule that a motor car to be coupled with the trailer car having the same number. Furthermore, there were 10 more trailer cars, so that many trams were made from a motor car and two trailer cars, which unfortunately cannot be seen in any of these pictures.
V58 cars have been in service until 1992. Some of them have been modernised from 1991 to 1992, but in the end all of them disappeared in 1997. In 1998 they restored one of them, but unfortunately not quite in its original condition.

Picture #1
Car #105 was in service until somewhere in 1990, but in 1986 it had been renumbered 81. In the background of the picture there is a storage track and some Timis cars can be seen there. Until 1983, the two tram depots could not provide enough room for all trams. The storage track was abandoned at the end of the 80'ies due to the risk of vandalism, but also due to the decrese of the car fleet, which made room for all trams in the depots.

Picture #2
The trailer car #77 was unique in Iasi. Not the car itself, but the colour scheme. Maybe the air ventilation by removing the windows was also unique in the whole Europe, too.

Picture #3
A very rare thing in the 80'ies is seen there: an old tram with asymmetrical (>) pantograph. This kind of pantograph was used only on Timis cars in Iasi at that time. I assume that some Timis cars had already failed and some parts, including pantographs taken for spare parts. The trailer car #59 has been renumbered 115 in 1983 and 80 in 1988.

Picture #4
Route 5 is still crowded in these days too and it is the only route which never changed at all from its beginning. However, you cannot see people travelling on stairs or on the back of the car anymore.

Anonymous said...

have you ever travel further south of iasi to the county of vaslui? do you have any pics from that town?