Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iasi Tatras

Iasi has a metre gauge tramway.
1. Turning circle at Tatarasi.
2. One of the main squares in the city centre. The sole motor car is a locally built Dacia.
3. In the socialist world most bus drivers were men, tram driving was usually woman's work and anyone could have a go on trolleybuses. This was the first time I had seen driving cabs with lace curtains etc, although it is quite common in the more remote parts of the former USSR.
4. Track repairs in the city centre.

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T R I X said...

That turning loop in Tatarasi does not exist anymore, as the line have been extended in 1986. A small part of a platform still exist, or at least it still did two or three years ago.
Tatra cars usually run in two-unit sets, but in Iasi there were few trams running this way. Somewhere in that time, 253 was coupled with another car, but this cannot be seen in the picture, and actually we don't know if it was so when the picture was taken.
Driving trams was not exclusively woman work, although bus driving was.